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"The Consciousness Advisor program is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my fifty years of searching for the best way to live life. I’ve read hundreds of self-help and self-psychiatry books, been to many seminars, constantly researched a natural way to live a healthy life but nothing has encompassed so much in one program as the CA program.

It is genius in that it combines vast, centuries-old Vedic knowledge with a syllabus determined by the individual student and guided by a trained Advisor."

- Jodi Fretz

“It's very helpful on the path because it's practical and very personal adaptable. I have a clear view of the possibilities I want to discover in the future.”

- Yvonne de Koning

“The program is insightful and refreshing. I gained a much greater understanding of consciousness itself. I have learned who the true self really is. My biggest accomplishment was developing a routine.”

- Greg Nuckols

The Wheel of Progress

14 ways to enhance your consciousness and transform your life

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This profession is open to all TM Meditators, Sidhas and Governors. To find out more information visit click here.